Friday, August 12, 2011

Cold Porcelain Tutorial

Make us!
I always see recipes for cold porcelain but they always say to use liquid vaseline (the type that stays liquid). Yesterday I decided to make some since I was having the deco-itch, but I had been using the cornstarch for vegan egg sheets in "Shin's Vegan Lovin". I had a surplus of glutinous rice flour that would have made millions of mochi and so I decided to go with that.

Cold Porcelain Recipe:
1/3 Cup Elmer's School Glue (About 1 medium-bottle)
2/3 + 1 tbl Glutinous Rice Flour/Starch
1/3 tbl Witch Hazel (or Lemon Juice)
2/3 tbl Vaseline (or something similar)
1/3 tbl Cold White Lotion (It has to moisturize well)

First, put your vaseline in a bowl in the microwave and put your glue in a pot with the rice flour and hazel. Cook and stir this on medium-heat until it becomes a rough ball. Turn that down to low as you melt the vaseline on high for about thirty seconds. Carefully pour it over the ball and stir it in (make sure to be careful and wear an oven mitt). Then, dump it all onto a plate and knead it while it is still warm. Keep the lotion next to you and every few folds you can add a dab of it. Once it becomes nice, soft and pliable I would suggest wrapping it up in plastic wrap. Keep it in a cool (not cold) place until you're ready to do something with it. I was ready to do something with it immediately and used some old makeup and made marshmallows, gumdrops, cakes and taffy. I would suggest placing it on a pan covered in parchment paper and baking it at 250 degrees for 30+ minutes. I glazed it beforehand and waited until they were nice and hard.

Easy Polymer/Clay Glaze Recipe:
1 tbl Elmer's Glue (any type)
Enough water to thin it out to your liking

If the glaze is thick it may turn into a thick film. You can apply it before or after baking so get going!

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