Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pictures That I Drew

These were made in GIMP, of course - and I need to improve..but so far this is as good as it gets for these too. ^^ I have MANY more!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some New Artwork

I planned on just posting these to my Deviantart - but that might take a while for all of my lovely viewers and followers to find. ^^ I hope that you guys like them - they're just practice for certain techniques and things that I learn along the way with GIMP.

Friday, October 28, 2011

No-Sew Cupcake Bun Covers Tutorial (With Tissue Rolls)

Ignore my lack of an iron, please! ^^
Scrap Piece of fabric, 4 cotton pads per cover, 1 tissue roll, a pair of scissors

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Candy Bar Wrapper Templates

I plan on making the chocolate bars to go with these soon, of course - but you guys need a head start! The full package will be posted on Shin's Vegan Lovin', soon. These can be edited to be as big or as small as you want, but these should fit 1.5 ounce bar.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Manila, Raja and Carmen Vs. The Sprepper

A bit of humor about my favorite show. I drew up a small comic and colored it a la' Veganopolis style. I hope you enjoy, although it is a bit more "mature" - I hope that noone is offended by it. ^^;

<3 Bou Shin <3

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Animal Cracker Jewelry And I-Pod Cover

Rolled out with Sculpey clay and hand-carved by me - these are some of the sweetest treats that you can't eat. On the side you see a sliver of my "frosted animal cracker" I-pod case that I need to finish. Maybe one day I should open up an Etsy shop?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gir Keychain Pattern

Felt is the best material.
 I'm sorry that I've neglected this blog - but since Halloween is up, why not come back out of my hobbit hole now? Don't worry, I'll try to be here as much as possible now. You can enlarge this or free-draw this to make a much bigger Gir plushie (just remove the long strip of fabric). Comment on this if you have any questions or comments.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cold Porcelain Tutorial

Make us!
I always see recipes for cold porcelain but they always say to use liquid vaseline (the type that stays liquid). Yesterday I decided to make some since I was having the deco-itch, but I had been using the cornstarch for vegan egg sheets in "Shin's Vegan Lovin". I had a surplus of glutinous rice flour that would have made millions of mochi and so I decided to go with that.

Cold Porcelain Recipe:
1/3 Cup Elmer's School Glue (About 1 medium-bottle)
2/3 + 1 tbl Glutinous Rice Flour/Starch
1/3 tbl Witch Hazel (or Lemon Juice)
2/3 tbl Vaseline (or something similar)
1/3 tbl Cold White Lotion (It has to moisturize well)

First, put your vaseline in a bowl in the microwave and put your glue in a pot with the rice flour and hazel. Cook and stir this on medium-heat until it becomes a rough ball. Turn that down to low as you melt the vaseline on high for about thirty seconds. Carefully pour it over the ball and stir it in (make sure to be careful and wear an oven mitt). Then, dump it all onto a plate and knead it while it is still warm. Keep the lotion next to you and every few folds you can add a dab of it. Once it becomes nice, soft and pliable I would suggest wrapping it up in plastic wrap. Keep it in a cool (not cold) place until you're ready to do something with it. I was ready to do something with it immediately and used some old makeup and made marshmallows, gumdrops, cakes and taffy. I would suggest placing it on a pan covered in parchment paper and baking it at 250 degrees for 30+ minutes. I glazed it beforehand and waited until they were nice and hard.

Easy Polymer/Clay Glaze Recipe:
1 tbl Elmer's Glue (any type)
Enough water to thin it out to your liking

If the glaze is thick it may turn into a thick film. You can apply it before or after baking so get going!

Sweet Hair Decoden (Cinnamon Roll and Strawberry Bon-Bon)

More like sweet bows. The majority of the bow is made from an old business shirt that I no longer wear and the middle is made from an old Miley Maxx (?) shirt that I outgrew so long ago. The reason they look kind of off and dry was because I made salt-clay for them the first time. I wouldn't suggest that - instead I would suggest a nice cold porcelain clay if you don't want to buy it. Add lots of glitter and glue and there you are - don't worry, tutorials galore will soon fill this blog.

Totoro & Friends Pillow (Double-Sided)

Symbol for sleep, the little Totoros, a sootsprite and a sleeping catbus
Sleeping Totoro's face tilting to the side.

This was the first pillow that I made from an organic cotton t-shirt (or any) and I think I did a good job. I wanted to make Totoro's face a bit more comical and so kept some of the thread out and added a sighing bubble. Recycled polyester on the interior and exterior and a lot of detailing. This pillow took me three days to make (as all of them do) but it was really worth it when I was finished. It was so soft and squishable!


Ponyo Loves Mom (and the Environment)

A double-sided pillow that I made for my mom's birthday. It's super-stuffed with recycled-polyester and made from an old organic t-shirt that I didn't like anymore. The felt is made out of more recycled-polyester fibers and the whole thing is hand-stitched. When I showed it to her she absolutely loved it! I hope that you do too. I won't keep you out of the fun either - pretty soon I'll start making tutorials so that you can make stuff like these and more.